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Authors: Yousif, Fuaad Mhmed El Amin
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The aim of this study is to explore the analysis of the flows of the Blue Nile River for its stretch from El Roseires Dam site to El Khartoum site to determine the possibilities to divert (or store) the sustainable amount of water at different sites for different purposes. The chapter one introduces Sudan, its physiographical features, the climate, the land use, wetlands and the peat lands. Also, the Nile River net work and the Nile River morphology is explained. The Nile River basin includes the White Nile river basin and the Blue Nile river basin which are briefly discussed. In chapter two, the study region is defined. Also, the Blue Nile river catchment is briefly introduced. The study area has been discussed. The objectives of this study are also stated. Chapter three discusses the data availability with periods at the four sites at the Blue Nile river under the study. These data include monthly and yearly flows at the four sites of the stretch Blue Nile River under study. In chapter four, the water availability for monthly and yearly flows of Blue Nile River have been worked out by following the standard method i.e. Ranking Method. Chapter five discusses synthetic generation of monthly flows using the concepts of the Time Series Analysis and the Thomas-Fiering Model. The results of monthly flows so generated are compared with the observed monthly flows data for the four sites. The generated data will enable to study risk of failure of Blue Nile River flows from water form for point of view. Summary of results and discussions along with conclusions are mentioned in chapter six.
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