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Authors: Ghosh, Santosh
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: In a widespread power distribution network of India, serving millions of consumers with continuously growing demand, the conventional manual system of collecting, collating and processing information has proved to be inefficient and inadequate to accomplice it in a timely manner. Despite facing debilitating energy shortage and peak deficit in India only about 55% consumers are billed and the bill of about 41% consumers are realized. This difference in the energy supplied and energy billed is euphemistically termed as Aggregate Technical & Commercial losses (AT&C). However only a small part of • these are "technical" losses and the major portion is "commercial" losses caused by defective meters, inaccurate database, theft etc. Web based monitoring of the distribution system is envisaged as an economic and efficient method to identify the leakage and pilferage in the network. In the present work instrumental set up has been installed to read the electrical parameters by a digital energy meter at a consumption point (main panel of Alternate Hydro Energy Centre) and transfer the data through GSM network by a pair of GSM modem to the base computer which is an IIS (Internet Information Service) server. Effort has been made to dial the GSM Modem and capture the meter reading through ITU (International Telecommunication Union) recommended "AT" Command set, run in a console built in C#. This is attempted to avoid the use of Base Computer software, which otherwise is expensive. However in this process it is observed, that the hardwares are manufactured based on proprietary protocol and does not comply with the protocols recommended by international bodies. To carry the work further forward a sample flat file generated by an AMR system is taken and converted to MS SQL database using a program built on C# and integrated with a data driven website, designed with ASP.NET technology. The data base of districts, distribution substations, feeders, distribution transformers and meters are also created in MS SQL server 2005. C Sharp and Java Script are used for back end functionality. A third party software "Dundas Chart" is used to display the electrical parameters viz, current, voltage and energy consumption in user interactive graphical
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Sharma, J. D.
Kumar, Arun
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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