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Authors: Paul, Partha
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Dams are said to be the `temple of modem India'. and are the lifeline of a society. They provide • protections against floods as well as water for irrigatipn, power; industries and for drinking purposes. In order to arrive at design parameters one has to conduct a detailed hydrologic analysis of floods as well as of water availability. Flood analysis studies reveal flow peaks, duration of flood peaks, time when the peak flow will pass etc. through a river may be proved helpful for any uncontrolled catchment which has flood affected . . • areas in its downstream. In this study the subject of flood analysis has been attempted through parametric approaches. Models based on parametric approaches have gained popularity hydrology has gained popularity due to being simpler approaches. The basic tools such as the Rational method, Unit hydrograph through Sherman's approach, Snyder's model, Clark's model have been studied in detail. The, Siddehshwari- Noonbeel river catchment with outlet at Tantloi in Jharkhand state of India have been.. selected for flood estimations and water availability studies in the various subcatchments to harness the available resource to fullest extent. The literature survey pertaining to water javailabilities .and flood analysis through- parametric approaches have been reported in Chapter 2 of the thesis. The details of the_ availability of the surface runoff data for the study area and derivation of a rating curve at the outlet are the Chapter 3.-The'. physiographic analysis of the catchment and use of GIS software for the same has been given in detail in Chapter 4. As mentioned earlier, in Chapter 5 the classical methods in surface water hydrology and their applications in the study area have been discussed in details. Modification in the application of Rational Method have been suggested and the same are given in Chapter 6. The estimates of water availability
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Research Supervisor/ Guide: Mathur, B. S.
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