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Authors: Chattopadhyay, B. D.
Issue Date: 1976
Abstract: Roinf©rcod concroto uator tanks arse tho moot commonly uoarl structures for storing uotor roquirod for industry end Urfnking pu►r-poops. Tho uido rango of proportions ouhibitod by tho oxioting cylindriocl and 1ntzo wotrr tank otructurc s, cloor].y indicates that thcro is o scopo end necessity to mininizo the coot of thr o tanks by col€cting suitablo goo, motricai proportions, For a tank of givon storage cap city and cost of materials thcxo would bo an uniquely dofinod geometrical proportion to give the most economical design,, 114o proportion can only be dotrrr nod through optimization of the cost for tho structure using tho non-linoar progr ming tcchniquo, In this thonis a rational and simple approach as to how the coat of these tanks can bo optimized has boon dovolopod. Tho analysis, design and cast evaluation of those structures have boon carried out by dovoloping computer progremmce and running the ono on a digital computer„ I8n 360, In the procoac of optimization,, poromotric study corriod out for cylindrical water tanks loads to the conclusion that for economy, tho ratio of radius to depth of thr tank should lio between p,.4 and 0.5 and the ratio of rioo of bottom dome to the radius of the tank should lb r between 0,333 and 0.4. The optimum design for the coot of cylindrical water tank ues carried out using Univariato Ciothod of minimizations olongi4th the tausdratic Interpolations. As an illustrotiuo oxcmplo, a cylindrical tank of storage capacity 257000 litres Pb hoo boon optimized which raouIbs In tho oconomy or about 9.35/:, whon compared with tho conventional dooign for a tank of samo otorago capacity as carriod out by Jai Krishna and
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Agarwal, S. K.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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