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dc.contributor.authorKohli, A. K.-
dc.guidePatwardhan, S. V.-
dc.description.abstractThe present dissertation work te of explo-ratory nature. The aim is to study the feasibility of proposed multibottom settling tank* A model of the multi- bottom settling, tank was fabricated out of perepez sheet and the effect of various parameters, like surface load-ing, horizontal velocityand depth of flow affecting the settling of particles, on turbidity removal was studied. Ploeculated turbid water was used in all the runs. Simultaneous runs were taken on a plain bottling tank of similar dimensions under similar condi ► tions of flow, Thus the performance of the two tanks was Compared under similar .ar conditions of floor. Multibottom settler Is a high rate settler based on the principle of Bazen (1) and Camp 18) of shallow depth basins. In this settler an attempt has been made to remove the shortcomings of tube settler. The settling zone here consists of plates inclined transverse to the direction of flow, so that settled particles move In a direction normal to the direo- tion of main flow to come to sludge zone.. A. et ll* it defined, vertical sludge--zone has been provided along the length of the tank for the consolidation of sludge. It is observed that the turbidity removal efficiency of multibottom settler is better than that for conventional plain nettling tank* Surface loading and horizontal velocity are important parameters In multibottom settlers. It ss also seen that multibottom settler is very sensitive to changes of horizontal veto- city. Prom the observations it is concluded that effio enoy of multibottom settler improves with increased depths and more number of plates. Vary low residual to bidi ties,,. of the order of fraction of a unity on silica scale can be achieved with these settlers which are not at all possible with conventional plain settling tanks. Hence much longer filter runs are possible by the use of multtbottom settlers* There are no movable parts and locally available cheap material, like wooden boards may be used for inclined plates. Skilled labor is also not required.* Hence the tanks *an be quite conveniently used for rural. areas and small communities. This is the first work on a multibottom settling tank. Purther work with ohange in t stsno* between the multibottoms and change of angle of inclination of plates alongwith increased depths and more number of plates is required for deciding design arametere for a multibottom settler,en_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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