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Authors: Ansari, Imamul Hasnain
Issue Date: 1997
Abstract: In a developing country like India there is an increasing demand of constructing a large number of reinforced concrete framed buildings. The analysis and design of frame involve tedious computational effort. Due to the advent of fast computing machines the use of more accurate methods, is now possible. Further, the use of advanced scientific languages in the preparation of computer codes makes the task easier. In this dissertation, a software package for analysis and design of RC frame has been developed. The frame is analysed as a plane frame using stiffness matrix approach. The design program has the provisions to design slab, beam and column. The package for slab have options to design any type of solid rectangular slabs which falls under general design requirement category of 1S:456-1978. The program for beam can design singly reinforced, doubly reinforced and T sections. Axially loaded and uniaxial bending columns can be designed using column program. For the design, limit state method and provisions of 15:456-1978 have been used. The programs are written in C language t which may run both on DOS and UNIX operating systems. The software is interactive, user friendly and easy to modify. The input is minimal. The package can help the designer to make economical, rational and efficient design. Some test problems have also been thoroughly illustrated..
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Jain, P. C.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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