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Authors: Pal, Deo
Issue Date: 1972
Abstract: puaptog of rigid pav stt. has best a problem of cateem for the Highway *t1►ass. Alter a ref r.visy of rod!¢ done by different agendas as td.poaing or sabgrsde son*$ this z Ort presaits a stud► of purping characteristics of sane of the s032s as tested akc a ' pingutest-apparatus' . The details or the apparatus have been dtvei herein. The apparatus provided for repeated loader with varying load said this apparatus relative pusftg intcnsitie. of soils ca* be detemIned. The study' Wss carried at with a iev to midge the perfonuance or the apparatus. The tests euiducted m the •011s include, dstera1natiati of dtfrereat stglnee P r%ertles of the scams and finding art their mint characteristics. Correletiarx has also best mods betwesi purping Intensityof subgssde sails id any acre property Of routs, speed of whee1f wheel leads and quality oastzcl. during Draparatim of subgrsds. YoUe 1ng was observed s (l) Brie grained seals gwgped sore as eared to sane sea's, (ii) Puaping was More In ease of less p.raeable so ls, (ILL) Heavier loads Increased puspind while higher speeds red iced (IV) Poor quality metro]. Increased moping.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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