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Authors: Kumar, Janesh
Issue Date: 1972
Abstract: Raw water available in nature is seldom fit for direct domestic or Industrial use. It contain number of suspended, colloidal and dissolved impurities. Most of these suspended impurities range in size of 1-100 microns. Conventional methods such as screening, coagulation, flo-cculation, sedimentation and filtration are employed for removal of colloidal and suspended impurities. Units of screening, coagulation, flocculation and settling tanks prepare water for filters nd are referred to as pretreatment units. These units occupy large area, involve substantial maintenance cost and required skilful operation. A recent technique of separating solids from liquids by using hydro-cyclone is developing very fast. Hydrocyclone which are viiy compact units are bei.n- widely used for r.emoval of sus?1en-ded matter in size range of 2-200 microns, from water with-out any coagulant aids. Plain settling units will have to be provided with considerable capacities, if removal afpar-ticle, as small as, 5-10 microns is to be achieved. Table No.1 gives settling velocities of different size(18) par-ticle which shows that to remove a particle of 5 microns size in a 3 meters deep settling tank will take 9.2 days. In many a cases such as of rivers, canals and reservoirs, raw water turbidity is 'quite low for nine to ten months and during this period raw water could be directly fed to the filters with a little coagulant dose. But during rainy season turbidity goes as high as 3000 to 5000 mg/1 and if 2. such water be admitted in to usual settling basin they get overloaded and give a poor effulent having a turbidity higher than 30-50 mg/1 which may damage the rapid gravity filters. The situation can be saved by using hydrocyclone to minimise load on settling tank during rainy season by rep'_<acin she re-t: e-' on t units by hydrocyclone.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Panesar, P. S.
Patwardhan, S. V.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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