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Authors: Razdan, K. B.
Issue Date: 1969
Abstract: Strossos in coie!:)n footings are statically indoto nato0 for such footings act oc!ential' y as flat slabs. Is a conco-+ one+o empirical rubs are usually ucod for proportioning the concrete section and the roinforenont. But those rules ore booed on toots tarried out on footings of constant thickness. Zn Zndia Costly footings of variable thictioss am used for ocon .1 y. Rnco0 it has become nococo ery to Stuff the actual bot aviour of those foot in g. In the prosent in sttgat n0 an isolated square column tooting of linearly vorytnç3 thicknoos has boon onolycod q oco-uming a unifoi coil pressure0 according to (a) the X dian ttendard dodo for Practice for Plain and toinforcad Concrete (1.5, 466-lc3)0 (b) Pico Theory considering tho footing at a Plato of variable thicknocs , (e) Viold tine Theory. The finite diffo ronct method has boon used in plato theory and has boon, found to be useful for tackling the complicated boundary conditions. The theoretical results have boon cos ared t ith tho actual test results and for this trio isolated column footings 9, dostgneaL to ?Oil in floure according to 1S3 oro cact4 on a cc d boil specially constructed for thom0 and tostod upto fcilure..
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Jain, O. P.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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