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Authors: Agrawal, Ramesh Chand
Issue Date: 1962
Abstract: ;Ldvenn iz science dmazicle advancing technologies ,- that should be so in any well balanced society where the results of new ,sQ 1ont3Uic discoveries, particularly •those of a physical nature# fre to be made available and effective for people at large. The availability of nuclear energy. is, as we all know# a acientifio advance of recent years Which is bringing to this country advano ed technologies # advanced types of ' ~'~ gas oxoh~ngi cyst ems and reactors. These are In the Main stream of the developing technol giod. Every t 3 o ~~ ~o ' that beside the main line of Mdvanc ament there are others Of a fringe nature, which must be developed simultaneously. These sectional problem may be sue iUsry, but without their solution there can be no eater factory pro, ass unsolved, the l abilities which follow might well constitute a block in the road of progress: for the sake of good. technology the fringe problems oust be solved. How to deal with radioactive wastes: is en ancillary-problem to the main technological. question of h ► to make nuoleali enozy avr+ b .e to our c cxnuunity by the use of radio.. active mew and nuolear iee on. It in a most important aspect of the technjoal developrnent Por all that is involved there must be found some solution or else important hazards to the health and a' sty of the cinnmunity would become Very real ,deed If tire Mai aea were developed and it such iUa r problems were bypassed in the vague hope that an easy oo ution would make itself manifest later ors. The author feed that this disaertatjou would be of some use to those who d+e :in z'adtoactjve waste disposal' problem.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Patwardhan, S. V.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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