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Authors: Baliga, B. Anantha
Issue Date: 1963
Abstract: Because of the high standarad of accuracy demanded by the cadastral maps, the application of photogrammetric method in the early stages of its dev-► elopment was not conceived in this particular field. In fact it was doubted at that time that Photogrammetry could ever make inroads into this field, The suitability of Photogrammetric method for cadastral work has been considered in this work in the sight of the recent deve-lopment. Cadastre is an instrument of state administrao tion. it is a plan or register recording the rights of the land owner to his property and may be used either for con veyance of land or for taxation or for both . Titles for parcels of land based upon cadastral plans have legal binding and hence demand high standard of accuracy in the plans. Till recently, ground method) known as classical method was adopted for the preparation of cadastres., According to the standards of the modern world this method is consider Owed to be too slow to keep pace with the rapid soclo-economic developments that are taking place in an unprecedented scale. Photogrammetry is a method of measurement* In the early stages of its development, factors like$ excessive leas Sr distortion, dimensional intability of the photographic material, resolution of film lens combination, photogrammetr e of mapping procedure based on inaccurate principles were a few that put limitation on application of Photogrammetrio method, But this method has been now improved and developed to almost an unbelievable degree. Number of experiments have been conducted in Xtlqr' Switzerland Germany Great Br Lain, U.S.A. etc regarding ti suitability of Photo gramme ry for large. scale maps and it iS found that accuracies achieved are within the tolerances specified for the cadastral plans. In the successful implementation of the Photo ra Metric method a number of v. factors like local prejudices, legal factor, sere cesof private sector etc play a vital role and these factors have also been discussed. An attempt has been made to give the details of a model cadastral survey organization for Uttar Pradesh, A multitude of minute details may be found wanting when the scheme is actually mplementedt-
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Oswal, H. L.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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