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Authors: Bhargava, D. N.
Issue Date: 1961
Abstract: In this dissertation work the stabi-,lisation of Mar and Kabar soils, occuring in Bundel- khand region of Uttar Pradesh, has been carried out. These clayey soils are typical of the region and poss-ess high plastic, shrinkage and swelling character-istics, Stabilisation of these two soils has been carried out with materials like, lime, lime-burnt soil(Sukhi), line-flyash, cement,, and lime-cement admixtures. The investigations have mainly been carri-ed out with lime and lime-burnt soil admixtures, using lime and burnt Mar soil, and lime and burnt Kabar soil. for stabilising Mar and Kabar soils respectivoly.Burnt soil(Surkhi) can be easily obtained just at site of work by burning the concerned soil in small hoppers, like thoseused for burning lime. The results have indicated that burnt Mar and. Kabar soils possess good pozzolanic reactivity when fired at suitable temper-atures and are superior to flyash both in quality and cost. The studies have revealed that lime besides ro-ducing the plasticity index of Mar and Kabar soils develops considerable unconfined compressive strength in soaked specimens. Strength in both these soils is further improved considerably by using pozzolarde mat-erials. 5 lime and 1O burnt soil (by weight 'of total mixture) gives high unconfined compressive strength, ,ind reduces effectively the swelling and shrinkage characteristics. C.B.R. values nearly 1001 have been obtained with lime-burnt soil admixture. The investi gations have also shown that cement when used alone is not very beneficial for these soils but excellent re-sults have been obtained when a small quantity of lime (2 by weight of total mixture) is mixed with soil prior to adding cement, 51 lime and 1O burnt soil and 2% lime and 5 cement have been found to be suit-able admixtures for stabilising these soils satisfac- torily. ,. Lime and burnt soil admixture has been found to be suitable for Improving the brick making properties of Mar and Kabar soils. An addition of .5~ lime and 1O burnt soil in Mar soil and 151 burnt soil in Kabar soil have been found to yield good quality bricks possessing high compressive strength and satis-factory water absorption.
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