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dc.contributor.authorShyam, Madhukar-
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dc.description.abstractThe pollution, which causing ccnsiderabe concern in de elope cotuflriea in now ne3Ung it presence felt In arIous pew: of ountry* Pollution issues have been created newspaper headlines: ` prompted b public aware rn: folio,4 by political response., Tn trial habit, has had me,T. unplMZed rd unwanted :side effeCts on our'health end velEare. Air Po2lutLon is one such Side effect whose presence Is now felt by millions of ZndIans 411 par of uflt*y., ifficient end eEEectvemthagsmeri of urban environment, especially from pollution point of view, to essential for the physical and spa well being of all our cittzcna. Zn response to pec,ple'a nom, the planner d scicnti4 are cbliged to duce and provont pollution which air poll tic is apatt. Today' s eth ' end cvcntion prOgrams, however present CheLMAgS to the plaflflr and scientist that were not evident a few year ago# This work Is threfore developed el. st of problem of air pollutions and to the pxogrem. of its remotion and prevention, Thus the whole athy is :vim Into dif eo rent chapters on the above theme. .Xn chapter one the author has tried to give eneral information: ebout air pollution. chapter Two approaches the problem with a planning bias, defining the Scope of the Ste," etc, Chapter three deals with Information about the subregion selected for the study. w1h Includes all basic infzmation necessary for the 4 analyis of the subregion. Chapter four $ :lulls, the method, of analysing the problem Lie. nthodi. of calcula. on oE Concentration ation due to - a par i&4Lar pollutant; in the subregion. Pin nga of the mn2sis are also given in this dter. Chapter five Is on. the pollutt�Ã�³n ebats. mot rr i v In the f�Ã�¸m of #... pollution strateerd tares. In chzipt�Ã�¸t sx the autior has given his conclusions ate..ved at. r scientific analyses and reec nd_a 6ns have been drawn here on the basis of the above conclusionc..en_US
dc.subjectAIR POLLUTIONen_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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