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Authors: Shahaji, Kale Suresh
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Dynamic soil properties are very essential input parameters for any geotechnical earthquake engineering problems such as ground response analysis, soil-structure interaction and liquefaction. The two important parameters required for these problems are shear modulus and the damping ratio of the soils. The recent developments in the numerical analyses for the nonlinear dynamic response of grounds due to strong earthquake motions have increased the demand for the dynamic soil properties corresponding to large strain level also. Cyclic triaxial test is one of the reliable tests to evaluate the dynamic properties of the soils. Stress dependent or strain dependent dynamic properties can be determined through cyclic triaxial system. This experimental investigation was carried out to study the strain dependent dynamic properties of soils available in neighbourhood. The parametric study was carried out to evaluate effect of various parameters on cyclic response of the Solani River sand. The parameters considered were relative density, confining pressure and frequency of loading. Strain controlled undrained cyclic triaxial tests were conducted on samples as per ASTM D3999 for evaluating the shear modulus and damping ratio. Reconstituted samples were prepared using wet sedimentation method. Tests were conducted on Solani River sand samples of 35 %, 45 % and 55 % relative density. For determining the effect of confining pressure samples were tested at 100 kPa, 150 kPa and 200 kPa confining pressure and to see the effect of frequency of loading samples were tested at frequency equal to 0.5 Hz, 1 Hz and 1.5 Hz. Dissertation work also include the testing of samples collected using SPT test from different depths of two sites viz. Dhanouri and Roshnabad. Results show that the dynamic properties have much influence of cyclic shear strain and confining pressure. Dynamic properties are slightly differed due to change in relative density of the soil sample and frequency of loading. Shear modulus determined for the soil samples collected from Dhanouri and Roshnabad sites varies in consistent with the SPT (N) values of both sites.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Maheshwari, B. K.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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