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dc.contributor.authorSudarshan, Sushant-
dc.guideJain, Kamal-
dc.description.abstractHandheld GPS is becoming increasingly more popular among users. Various advantages in this form of handheld GPS have made it more convincing over the conventional GPS. Public awareness has increased and the prices have also dropped down and now the instruments are available at most of the consumer electronic shops. With this advent the manufacturers have also increased certain features in the handheld device regarding performance and the capabilities of the device. One of the characteristic improvements in this technology that will be discussed here will be "GIS Enabled GPS". Advances in mobile hardware and the increasing sophistication of handheld software have made Mobile GIS a reality. Despite this progress, Mobile GIS presents a number of key technology challenges, including data synchronization, security, and architecture. This work will cover Mobile GIS application development from start to finish, discuss inherent technical challenges, and examine techniques to overcome them and produce high-quality Mobile GIS applications today. This work presents a guide to developing Mobile GIS applications from design to implementation. It begins by defining Mobile GIS, continues with a survey of relevant architectures and development tools, and concludes with an in-depth examination of a real Mobile GIS. At first we start with the different types of architecture relevant in this.arena•after that we use one of the architecture best suited for this thesis work. Moving along those lines and then the platform for development or the development tool being used depending upon the device compatibility and the analyst preference was used. Once the design system and the platform were fixed then application development was done on a selected module which was then executed for our desired approach.en_US
dc.subjectGIS ENABLED GPSen_US
dc.subjectHANDHELD GPSen_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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