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Authors: Rajkumar, Bommiti Vijaya
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: Planning is limited by human ignorance. Indeed it is a continuous process responding to multi dimensional development. The Master Plan within its conceptual frame provides smooth progressing of this continuum. These 155 years old campus of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee needs a complete rejuvenation to get rid of its age-old problems and to take on its future development with greater sustenance. The following "Vision" is the spirit of Master Plan: The Master Plan ensures an appropriate balance between the spatial allocations or land uses for ideal distribution of housing, academic buildings and physical infrastructure areas. The Master Plan: Vision 2020 of the IITR campus presents a set of coordinations, considerations and recommendations, concerned with virtually all aspects of development of the campus. It is supported by series of maps highlighting most of its important aspects of development within a span of 20 years. In Conventional method, preparing Master plan is tedious, time consuming and is not based on complete information. In recent years GIS has provide tools to integrate all the maps available for different source with attribute information associated with it. Also -6-IS-providaltiriCtioriality to make query for decision-making. In preparation of Master plan for a more than 150-year-old campus developed in phases, there are many parameters, which are considered, this may not be possible in conventional method. In the present study it has been shown that in GIS all information can be combined at one place and can be made on the information stored in database for exploring different options. As the Master plan prepared in GIS, the 3D virtual view with real time can make through GIS. The 3D model of each building may be added to give the realistic virtual view of the campus. Using Arc view 3.1 GIS package the Master Plan is prepared. In the present study, IIT Roorkee campus is considered and Master Plan has been prepared. The present study is generalized and also generated a 3D view of the entire lIT Roorkee campus using the extension, 3D Analyst of Arc view 3.1. This is an attempt to create Master Plan and 3D view of IITR campus in GIS environment.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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