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Authors: Pyla, Prasadarao
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: The objective of this dissertation is to study static and dynamic behavior of a barrage consisting of five bays under non-linear foundation conditions using finite element method and to study the behavior of raft under different loading conditions. The Finite Element package, ANSYS has been used to carry out the various analyses. The barrage is located partly on soil and partly on rock. The barrage has been analyzed using three composite models. Three composite models are considered to study the behavior of raft. The Barrage has been modeled using 2D Plane42 elements (4 noded quadrilateral elements) and 3D Solid45 elements (8 noded brick elements). Relevant amount of soil around the Barrage has also been modeled to find out the effect of soil on the structure. First order nonlinearity in foundation soil has been considered by considering the nonlinear variation of `E' in soil. The variation of `E' in soil has been calculated and used for static and dynamic analysis. Static analysis of the Barrage has been carried out considering dead loads (self weight of structure) and hydro static forces. Free vibration analysis has been carried out to find out the natural frequencies and mode shapes considering stiffness of the soil and mass and stiffness of the structure. Seismic analysis of the Barrage has been carried out using the response spectra of the site by giving excitation in transverse direction. The study indicates that the stresses and moments obtained in nonlinear case are lower than the linear case. Displacements in raft are less in case of nonlinear condition. Non-linear foundation characteristics should therefore be considered in final design of such projects.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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