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dc.contributor.authorOhri, Anurag-
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dc.guideGhosh, S. K.-
dc.description.abstractToday, tourism is one of the major industry for many countries world wide, as it plays a major role in the boosting economy of a country. India with its strong historical background and enriched environment is popularizing Tourism to enhance its economic growth. Presently, every country is trying to attract the maximum number of tourist and hence there is lot of competition in this field. So, to attract the maximum number of tourist, every country is trying to provide maximum facilities and comfort to the visiting tourists. Today before going to any country/place, a tourist wants the complete information about the country of visit. The tourist would like to know what are the places to visit, what is its importance, what is the cultural background, how to reach there, mode of transportation, places of stay and its tariff rates. In addition, a tourist can plan his journey and trip to various places, so as to utilize the time and money more efficiently. To cater to all such needs availability and accessibility to necessary information is needed. Earlier, such information has been available with tourist offices and travel agents, which are either outdated or incomplete. So, an information system is essential for any place to develop tourism. There are so many ways to provide information about any place. Internet is the best medium to spread the information all over the world. In information system, if tourist gets the information geographically than it is more beneficial. GIS based information system with Internet GIS approach is best suited for developing a tourist information system. In India, Hardwar is one of the most visited place by the foreign and local tourist, because of its religious value and natural beauty. So, there is a need to develop a GIS based information system for Hardwar to increase the tourism at place and to increase the conveniences of tourist visiting this place. The GIS based tourist information system is very convenient to use by the tourist for planning their journey. The tourist can get the position of each place geographically and get all the information related to their places of interest easily on the computer. By various utilities of GIS, like network analyst, the tourist can find out the best route from one place to another within Hardwar. In addition, various utilities around a place, such as hotels, petrol pump, hospitals, post offices, transportation etc can be found out. In iii Hardwar information system, the tourist can place queries about various attributes linked to the features. The spatial query can be used to get the location of any place by name. By using Internet GIS approach, some of the applications are made available on Internet for large number of tourists. Through interne large number of tourists can have access to this system.en_US
dc.subjectGIS APPROACHen_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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