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Authors: Moon, Rupali Jagdish
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: Transportation agencies are currently faced with ever increasing demand for managing information to support more effective decision making throughout their organization, from engineering at micro level to statewide planning and management at macro level. Further more, the broad environmental and economic development problems that confronts society today acquires data sharing and co-operation among multiple government agencies at all levels. In the past, information systems and database development within most transportation agencies and government sectors, has often been used for specific application. Geographical Information System (GIS) has been successfully applied in many fields outside of transportation industry. Since GIS in transportation (GIS-T) has been implemented to many of the transportation project to identify the problem related to transportation, it (GIS-T) provides comprehensive and timely information for proper decision-making. Geographical information systems are an efficient way of storing, retrieving, manipulating, displaying spatial data from real world for transportation system. GIS has been used as an efficient platform for developing information system for pavement maintOance management application in various countries around the world. GIS based Highway Information System (HIS) is useful for management of wide variety of activities related to road transport, like road widening or up gradation, maintenance management, evaluation, geometric design and improvement etc. In the present dissertation software ArcView 3.2a develop GIS has been used to Highway Information System of two National Highways i.e. NH-58 and NH-73 passing through Roorkee city. Kilometer wise sections have been considered for these two III highways. Various road parameters such as terrain characteristic, distresses, traffic data, highway amenities, pavement data etc were collected for these two highways. With the use or edit tool in ArcView the total highway split has been equal stretch of 1Km and is linked with attribute table. It is made possible for various parameters considered in each section of road which helps the highway engineer in quick decision-making and yields the satisfactory results. The Highway Information Systems has been used to identify the "serviceability Index" of stretches on the basis of distress parameters such as Potholes, Cracking and Roughness. Maintenance decisions can be facilitated using information System.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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