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Authors: Kumar, Brahmeshwar
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: River water constitute an important water resource. There is an imperative need to assess the quality of river water for its intended use. The sediment acts as a reservoir of many micropollutants in a polluted river. The quality of water even after the treatment will change according to leaching characteristics of sediment and overlying water. The sediment may continue to leach pollutants to the water and make them over burdened: Further the leaching can be both ways i.e. from sediment to water as well as from water to sediment. The substances released from sediments occur as a result of biochemical, physical and chemical processes taking place between the overlying water and the sediment. Thus in all the inland water sources the quality depends not only on the type and extent of pollut'ion. load it is assimilating but also on the nature of the sediment and its interaction with the overlying water. Rivers constitute an important water resource which cater to the need of water supply as well as acts as a sink for the polluted effluents. Besides it is used for irrigation, fisheries etc. Hence, for the success of any river action plan, it is important to assess the characteristics of the sediment. The present report aims at assessing the characteristics of the sediment of HINDON-BASIN.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Mehrotra, Indu
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