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Authors: Inamdar, Anuja
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Water is an Elixir of Life. Water is an integral part of earth and human body. From the dawn of civilization on the face of earth, man has selected riversides as the ideal locations for his settlements. Rivers are classic examples of water arteries, which flows not only through space but also time. Hence the interface between water and land becomes important. In addition river front gives a unique opportunity to come closer to nature in tight urban situation. Thus development of such areas contributes to the healthy physical and psychological growth of the society. After the rapid urbanization and haphazard growth of cities the rivers and spaces adjoining them are not used in the similar manner as they were used in history. Constant use, negligence and lack of maintenance are deteriorating the space along river and changing the character of the entire interface. Thus at many spaces the spirit of the natural source and its surrounding is lost. Cities are rediscovering their rivers. For at least the past 30 years, cities and towns have been turning back to their rivers, transforming industrial and derelict land into new parks, residences, and commercial space. After abusing urban rivers through years of hard use and neglect, we have come to realize they are valuable economic and community assets. Pune was once better known as Punyapur or Punyanagari, which reflects on the purifying power of its rivers. Pune is the only city in our country with three rivers flowing through it and merging here. Mutha River is evidence of culture and heritage of Pune city as city originated on the banks of river Mutha in 6th century This dissertation describes importance of Mutha River in context of Pune city. The dissertation also explores various factors affecting the river in one or the way and abusing the riverfront thereby deteriorating urban environment. The dissertation discusses the river as a system and describes interrelationships of various subsystems and their impacts on each other. After analyzing the current scenario, the interactions and relationships among various subsystems of river and their impacts on each other, comprehensive policy guidelines and area specific recommendations have been proposed for integrated development of riverfront.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Devadas, V.
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