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dc.contributor.authorSaha, Mekhala-
dc.guideSingh, Nalini-
dc.description.abstractRapid and random expansion of urban centers results in the misbalance of landuses which is much critical in a country like India. This results in loss of agricultural land, reduction in the production of crops, rise in land value, land holding and speculation etc. Unauthorized urban sprawl and its effects on the fringes have always remained a neglected area in the field of urban research. The study conducted in this thesis is based on the study of the present conditions of the fringes of New Town, Kolkata. The fast changing socio-economic condition and lack of planning inputs and implementation is resulting in the degradation of the fringes. The new town was proposed by Department of Housing, Government of West Bengal, in eastern fringe of Kolkata, to control the unplanned growth in that area and also to create a substitute CBD for the city, during the 90's. This development drove people not only towards New Town, but also towards its fringe villages as cheap land is available there along with pollution free environment with low taxes and relaxation in building laws. As a result the fringes became a potential development zone. Keeping this in mind the aim of this study is taken as 'to evolve planning strategies for the development of fringes of New Town, Kolkata city.' This work gives an up-to-date impact of the development of the fringe of New Town, Kolkata and their exact condition. In-depth study is conducted to understand the degree of urban fringe development and the influence of a growing city over its fringe areas. The area is delineated to the Rajarhat Block, consisting of 24 villages as the study area which is adjacent to the Action Area I and II of the New Town. Although a lot of invasion is going on by different private developers and individuals, the area is lacking in some factors like required infrastructure facilities, public IV As a result there is no control over the haphazard growth, poor infrastructure condition, problems of water logging, absence of steady source of surface water etc. In order to propose some development strategies, all these villages are scored on the basis of various indicators and clubbed in 4 different groups/zones. Then on the basis of their performance the villages will be developed according to their need. The focus of the study towards evolving the planning strategies is being sought as recommendations for development of the fringes of New Town, Kolkata.en_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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