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Authors: Nagia, Manoj Kumar
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: The word housing has a broader meaning than house. It embraces not only consideration of the physical structures in which human dwell but also the relation of the house, house to neighbourhood and community, and house to the social, political and financial complexes which affect our daily life . The housing development taking place is more or less part of the total planned development of the city a great deal of consideration goes in to the designing and development of these housing areas. Since these days there is an accent on planned development the aim of any housing agency should provide maximum possible residential satisfaction to the occupants. The more generous standards inevitably mean a more costly product minimum space standards and amenities for rrkass housing there is a gap between the cost of the building and what the middle income users could afford Residential unit size and quality are the important issue in the present situation. The current trend for families to live in smaller houses are has a define influence on space utilization in housing units, shortage of space is regarded as the major cause of addition and alteration in housing units and degradation of social values Therefore, space provision is an important factor for improve the family environment. The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the relationship between space utilization and people needs required for the housing. One of the main objectives is to know the effect of designs on day to day activities of the families and also the changes accordingly they have made in these dwellings.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Kulkarni, S. Y.
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