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Authors: Katiyar, Nilesh Singh
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: Rapid and convenient modes of transport and communication coupled with increasing leisure time has kindled the in born instinct in man to see and explore the unseen and derive pleasure out of it. When a person leaves his regular abode for the satisfaction of this urge, he can be classified as a tourist. Progress in science and technology has changed the total mobility pattern throughout the world. Rapid means of transport and communication had brought different nations much closer today than ever before in the history of mankind. Man's inherent desires for seeing the places of education, natural beauty, distant cultural places, etc. have given rise to the travel. Man's urge for new experience and to see the unseen, has given rise to the phenomenon of tourism. Tourism has been brought under the classification of the industry. As an industry it has various facts related to the economic activities involved in it. In some of the countries, where huge efforts have been made to develop this industry, it has really contributed towards the economics of those countries. Seeing the many and varied effects of tourism on the economy of a country, more and more importance is being attached for the development of this industry in our country, as our country is one of the developing countries. Despite a lot of developments in tourism industry, its impact in the state of Uttaranchal has not been appreciable. The reason is that the facilities like roads linking the tourist centers, transport and communication, boarding& lodging arrangements, environmental improvement and development of tourist spots, development of tourist shopping areas, entertainment programmes, etc. fall short of requirements. It may be possible to achieve the desired environment through the multipurpose tourist development programmes. This will surely make an impact on the socio-cultural improvement of the state. This dissertation aims at to study the major problems, such as: the factors that discourage the tourists to visit the place like lack of good boarding & lodging facilities, lack of good transportation network/ connectivity, etc. ; due to the lack of way side amenities the tourists have to take much pain during the journey to the place ; tourists do not visit the lesser known places adjacent to the study area due to the lack of awareness about those places, although they are the places of good scenic beauty. The strategies and recommendations evolved from this research work will be very much useful for understanding and evolving developmental schemes for tourist destinations not only in the study area but also in whole state of Uttaranchal.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Jain, R. K.
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