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Authors: Singh, Mahesh Kr.
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: Indian values and ethos respect human rights but, its citizens with disabilities are still being deprived of their rights, which should have been provided to them voluntarily. It is a poor reflection of our modern social value system wherein one finds it difficult to implement even the statutory provisions. People, Politicians, Public servants and Professionals; all need to ponder over this issue as to how to bring about an attitudinal change in the society towards the cause of disabled. And, once we are able to achieve this change in the mindset we will realize our responsibilities and requisite actions shall follow on its own. But, that may not be all. What we further need is a collective community effort as the task ahead is not small. It is necessary and imperative to initiate a thought process from a macro perspective and then the individual groups could identify own relevant targets. For many city-dwellers, today's modern cities and towns may be convenient and fascinating places for working and living, offering a great variety of opportunities and experiences. But for disabled persons, such built environments are full of uncertainties, anxieties and dangers. Disabled persons encounter many obstacles that prevent them from moving about freely and safely. For wheelchair users, steps and stairways are obstacles. Blind people are endangered by the absence of directional and safety features that they can hear and touch.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Najamuddin
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