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Authors: Singh, Lt. Col. Sarbjit
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: The Air transportation has become a very important component of present transportation system in a modern society. Increasing importance of tourism and growing affluence of society are creating tremendous pressure on air transportation. India has sizeable network of International and national (civil) and (defence) airports located in widely varied climatic regions of the country. For smooth operation of airport, airfield pavement plays a vital and important role. Unlike other engineering structures, airfield pavement is subjected to extremes of mechanical and climatic variations. It has to with stand the chemical attacks of aviation fuel and deicing chemicals. Major parameters that effect the durability and maintenance of overlays and pavements are their inherent resistance to impact and abrasion loads caused by the movements of heavy traffic on their surface. It is very difficult to determine the intensity, and magnitude of these loads since they vary over wide range depending on the nature, intensity and magnitude of the traffic loads, properties of the subgrade and the characteristics of the soil. Formation of cracks in airfield pavements and their subsequent growth is a natural phenomenon dependent on its charaZteristic behaviour under different loading systems and environment. Presently, no preventive cure is taken for obviating their initial formation also timely adequate remedial measures are not taken during maintenance of pavements causing their accelerated deterioration. It is because mechanism of formation of cracks, their subsequent phenomenal growth and consequential effects are not fully appreciated. Pavements evaluation is the key factor in assessing as to whether a pavement serving is adequate to serve its intended function satisfactorily or not. Developments have also taken place on the equipment front and automated microprocessor - based specialize equipment in the global market for expeditious pavement condition condition evaluation and surveys. Oavements'.9an'not be expected to have an unlimited design life, over a period of time they begin to deteriorate. Due to repeated traffic loadings and environmental influences, timely maintenance and strengthening of pavements becomes necessary and the need for an overlay arises. The purpose of present study is to assess the evaluation and strengthening needs of airfield pavements to meet the requirement of airtraffic and environmental variations. Pavement evaluation conducted by FWD test at 014-a and Pc.ipb_Leernct. airfield pavements have been analysed to assess the structural and functional condition. Based on the analysis, it has been found that at Att.-ka airfield pavement overlay is needed for strengthening and improving the riding quality of the runway while at P.9104%LimR., airfield pavement no major strengthening is required.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Gupta, A. K.
Jain, S. S.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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