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Authors: Bhanwala, Major R. S.
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: India has cne of the largest road network in the world. The road network has expanded from 4 lakh km in 1947 to 20 lakh km in 1993 with a five fold increase. The traffic has also increased at a very rapid rate and vehicle population has increased from 3 lakhs in 1.951 to 250 lakh it present. The large network of existing roads is now showing signs of premature failure due to cummulative effect of inadequate maintenance and structural inadequacies of roads to cater the needs of increased traffic. volume and axle loads. Inadequate maintenance of roads amounts to an act of disinvestment and sacrifice of past investment in roads. Roads have been receiving decreasing share of total five year plan (FYP) expenditure (decreasing from 6.7% in First Plan to 3% in Second Plan). The vehicle operating cost (VOC) increases at a rapid rate as the conditiOn of the existing pavements starts deteriorating. The lOss due to bad conditions of the main road network would be around Rs. 12000 crore per annum. We also need to study in detail the maintenance of roads in different terrain and climatic conditions. The purpose of the present study is to develop a simplified approach for the maintenance of highway system. For this study, some test sections were identified on NH-21, and NH-22 in H.P. State and SH-45 and MDR-121 in U.P.State. The parameters influencing the performance of flexible pavements have also been identified. The emphasis h s been laid. on 'functional parameters such as rutting, crackingroughness, pot holes and patching.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Gupta, A. K.
Jain, S. S.
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