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dc.contributor.authorPartap, Rana-
dc.guideJain, P. C.-
dc.description.abstractThe application of Computers for specific and isolated purpose has gradually developed into a new branch of specialized knowledge, "Computer Aided Design".This can be defined as use of computer to assist in creation, modification, analysis and optimization of a design. The advantages'of the application of CAD to Civil Engineering have now been realised as such design and research problems are being tackled more frequently. The problem of reinforced concrete pipe design and drafting using CAD has been dealt in this dissertation . R.C. pipes are principally used in transportation and distribution of water in municipal industrial and irrigation system. They are also used in plant piping systems, sea water cooling systems and sewage mains. For such structure one of the main considerations, beside strength, is that they should be leak proof. It has to be ensured in their design that the concrete does not crack on the water face. The concrete used for such structures should be richer in cement, very well graded and thoroughly compacted, so that the tensile strength is high and the porosity low. Primarily, the design of reinforced concrete pipes, is concerned with the determination of barrel thickness and spiral and longitudinal reinforcements, which more or less involves trial procedure. Thus computer is better suited for such work. A software package has been developed for analysis, design and drafting of reinforced concrete pipes. The design is based on specifications provided in IS code 458-1988 directly as well as through moments and forces obtained from analysis. Column Analogy method has been used for analysis of reinforced concrete pipes. The software package has been developed in 'C' language which can run on mainframe terminals as well as personal computers using UNIX or DOS systems. The package has been made user friendly as such no prior instructions is needed to the user before running the programme. The package is made complete and effective by including drafting, showing cross sectional and longitudinal sectional views of the pipe. The drafting part has also been developed in 'C' language and can be executed using Turbo 'C' graphics. The working of the software package has been illustrated by solving few design problems through code as well as through analysis and the results compared. Attempt to achieve economy by providing uniformly varying thickness pipes over constant thickness pipes has also been made.en_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dessertationen_US
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