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Authors: Adury, Romesh Kumar
Issue Date: 1994
Abstract: A bulk power system is defined as the composite of the generating system and the high voltage transmission network extending to the points of load transfer to lower voltage levels. Since all the systems are not completely reliable due to many uncertain system parameters, such as , generation available at the bus, transmission network configuration, available at the bus, transmission network configuration, demand forecast error etc.. Therefore , these uncertainities necessitates the evaluation of reliability of bulk power system. This dissertation work , improvised the concept of application of Artificial Neural Network,kohonen self organizing feature map, for the classification of unknown power• system states. This classifications maps N-dimensional space to a 2-Dimensional neural net in a non-linear way preserving the toplogical order of the input vectors. Hence, vectors inside .the boundaries of the secure domain , i . e , secure operating points, are mapped to a region different from-that of a insecure operating point, thus serving the purpose of a contingency tool. The ANN is trained at base load and generation conditions for each single line outages. As the ANN can provide the same results for with less time and high accuracy after it is presented with input vectors obtained after first. iteration of load flow. The trained ANN can thus classify secure and insecure states of the system for different loading conditions corresponding to each line outage Once the overloaded lines are identified without actually doing the complete contingency analysis , initially generation scheduling is done to eliminate the constraint. violation If still the constraint violation has not been removed, ultimately , load shedding is done. For every load bus bar, minimal cutsets were found and finally the overall system reliability indices are calculated. In the present work the generation system outages have not been considered and the reliability evaluation of Bulk Power System has been done considering line outages only
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Pant, Vinay
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