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Authors: Mehta, Vajrakumar B.
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: In India, the population�â� �¢ is increased rapdily, which demands urgent solution to the housing problem. of urban cities. The problems of housing has already assumed alarming propositions. Housing has been recognised as a national problem and is tackled by different agencies in thier respective capacities like Central and State Government Departments, State Housing Boards, Local Authorities, Improvements Boards and Public Sector Undertakings. After the independence, with rapid growth and trend in Industrialisation in the country many big industries were set up in both the sector public and private. The growth of it today also is an unprecendented. scale. The public sector undertakings also providing accomodation to its employees and participating in sharing the responsibility of solving housing problem at national level to its level and capability. The most formidable problem, which the public sector faces in India is acute shortage of housing (quantitative). The other problem is qualitative. To solve the problem of shortage is a impossible task for the government with her resources in a short period. The author wishes to define only sualitative aspects of housing. In India, public 1 agencies construct and maintain a large number of quarters known as type design hodses i.e. A, B, C and D type classified as per recommended plinth areas. Previous records of the public sector show that the construction of houses take much time than private sector houses. In public housing whether in Central or State Government, there are three separate operations, each house or building is designed by the Architect, the layout of the colony is prepared by the Town Planner, design structure and execution through engineers by contract system. In the private sector all the work is done in co-ordination except the production through contractors or the individuals themselves by employing labour. The quality of the private sector housing is considered better than public housing is also a matter requiring assessment
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Research Supervisor/ Guide: Patel, Prabhubhai K.
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