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Authors: Kumar, Sanjeev
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: Stream pollution is pollution due to different activities like man-made and natural, carried by the stream at a particular location and time. Stream pollution is not only the problem in plain region rivers but also in the hilly region, the stream pollution is having a great concern with the environment. In this dissertation Author has studied water pollution in Kempty Fall. Author tried to analyse the different types of water quality like physical, chemical and bacterial and found out the numerical values of different water quality parameters. These numerical values have been compared with the permissible values as per IS:Standard. After overall comparison, the suitability or unsuitability of stream water is ensured for drinking, bathing, agricultural and recreational purposes. Author also tried to find out the different types of stream pollution sources. It has been also tried to estimate approximate amount of the discharge on the basis of amount of water quality and waste discharge, it could be estimated how much waste disposal could be permitted into stream such that the observed numerical values for different water quality parameters could not exceed the permissible values. The author also tried to analyse the DO Sag Curves and found out the reaeration constant for the stream. 'It could found out the location at which BOD value becomes zero due to self-purifica-tion of the stream with the help of DO Sag Curve. tviiiJ The object of the pollution survey has been to produce a broad picture of the extent to which the Kempty Fall is polluted in Mussoorie region. Such studies help in the knowledge of existing water resources, quantities. Programmes can be chalked out for using the water in future for maximum beneficial use.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Chitranshi, U. C.
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