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Authors: Lohani, Bharat
Issue Date: 1990
Abstract: Many times Remotely Sensed data is subjected to image enhancement transformations which increase the information content of images to be'presented for further analysis. These tasks are now being Performed in DIPS (Digital Image Processing &stem) which consists of several image processing algorithms and a computer system. In this dissertation a P.C. based package for image enhancement , which can be operated by a person having sufficient knowledge of image enhancement fundamentals and just working knowledge of computers, has been developed in Turbo Pascal Version 5.0. This package is so designed that the software is compatible to any IBM P.C. and at the same time it can use any of the graphdriver (Graphics Card) and graphmode for graphics displays_ It can process images up to dimension 512x512 and even more successfully. The package is user-friendly and menu-driven_ Also, it requires lesser number of library files to be stored in the computer. Almost all techniques which were deemed necessary for an image enhancement task have been provided in this software. The package consists almost all important and commonly used techniques of enhancement viz. contrast manipulation, Bit Extraction, Histogram Modification, Enlargement ,Reduction, Noise Cleaning, Edge Enhancement, Change detection, M.S. image Subtraction, M.S. image Ratioing, Density Slicing, and Compensating for degraded part of an image. Within most of above options several other options have been provided to get required and better results. The package allows an user to apply an individual method or a collection of methods for an image. The scope of modification and less cost of maintenance of this type of packages escalate it's importance over the ready made softwares. (
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Dubey, O. P.
Tiwari, R. S.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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