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Authors: Jagannatha, G. M.
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: With a variety of developments in the construction industry, there is a greater demand of R.C. structures. This requires faster modelling and analysis, rapid design detailing and drafting. The increasing complexity of codes of practices, time bound completion of projects economy of construction and greater requirements of engineering productivity has created the need for COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND DRAFTING (CADD)' to be applied in the field of Civil Engineering in general and especially for the design detailing and drafting of R.C. structures in particular. It has been experienced that about three-fourth of the time of projects planning goes into the preparation and co-ordination of working drawings, specifications and schedules which are repetitive in nature. Therefore economy minimising this time through can be greatly affected by judecious use of computers. The present dissertation work consists of the development of a 'COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND DRAFTING OF FOUNDATIONS FOR BUILDING FRAMES' which includes analysis design and drafting of an isolated footing, combined footing and strip footing. Designed according to provisions of IS 456-1978. The software has been written in FORTRAN-77 and employs plot-88 for the graphics and display support. In addition to various standard function of plot-88-library iii some additional functions have been created in order to perform the task of design and drafting. In this package input can be fed through input data file or interactively. The program is menu driven and users options are asked as and when required during the design process. The usefulness of the proposed software package has been demonstrated by taking the example of a multistoreyed frame.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Bhandari, N. M.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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