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Authors: Umar, Mandviya Iqbal
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: Industrialization is the mainstay of modern civilization not only because it affords a scientific base for national development but also because it generates employment and raises per capita income and standard of living at faster pace. It is common knowledge that growth, if not the very existence of towns, depends on industry. This has been seen in the case of Chandigarh and Gandhinagar. After realisation of importance of industry for growth of town, both state governments have promoted industry in both towns. Industrial growth has always been instrumental in bringing about a change in physical/social structure and pattern of city by concentration of population and introduction of new administrative, social cultural, and economic value, which subsequently reflect in changes of physical growth. The unplanned and uncontrolled industries act adversely on city's structure creating the problems like congestion, slums pollution, traffic problems etc. The Gujarat state is well progressing towards the industrialization. Many large, medium and small scale industries both in public and private sector are located in different cities of Gujrat. The main Industrial centres are Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat, while in Saurashtra region Rajkot city is famous for small scale industrial activities such as Oil �â� � engine manufacturing, sari printing and its ancillary products. The Rkot city is one of the important centres of small scale industries in the country. The other important centre of small scale industries in Raikot district are MORBI and JETPUR. JETPUR is famous for Dyeing and Printing industries. It has earned nation wide reputation for screen printing industries on cotton sarees which are exported to foreign countries since few years. JETPUR has an industrial estate beyond municipal limit, managed by Gujarat industrial development corporation. 1.2 IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEMS: General Problems: 1. Problem of mixed land use e.g. industrial -residential, commercial�â� � residential and commercial�â� � industrial. 2. Lack of parking facilities in commercial areas and lack of semi�â� � public facilities. 3. Traffic problems in residential areas due to nerrow streets and other factors. 4. Acute shortage of housing. 5. Development of slum areas. 6. Encrochment by informal shopping activities.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Najamuddin
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