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Authors: Singh, Jatinder Pal
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: Urbanization and its consequences are a world wide phenomena and the increasing size and scale of urban settlements is a characteristic of the contemporary era. Today, three out of every ten of the world's population now live in an urban setting and the expectation is that by the year 2000 A.D. two fifths of the world's inhabitants will be urban dwellers. To most rural populations in India, no less than the rest of the world, city life presents a view of an oasis where newcomers can enjoy a respite from hunger, disease and ignorance. The city is visualized as a dreamland, as a centre for the generation of power, wealth and knowledge. The effects of rapid urbanization are more pronounced In the Third World or Developing Nations as is evident from crumbling civic infrastructure and unbearable levels of environmental deterioration experienced in the cities of these countries. In recent times, Indian cities too have witnessed significant developmental activities, renewed urban planning and constructions, establishment of industries, transport systems and other infrastructural facilities. These have created avenues for new trades and employment which have attracted people from outside the city, largely from rural areas. The low income labour who are drawn into the city get the opportunity of gainful employment, but the city system hardly allows them to have a good shelter. Thus over the years, the low income migrants have settled in pockets of the city slums which are characterized by overcrowding, lack of sanitation and civic amenities and violating the norms of planned urban growth. These slums have come to be known differently in different cities �â� � Jhuggi Jhompri in Delhi, Zopadpatti in Bombay, Bastis in Calcutta, and Labour Colonies in Chandigarh etc. They have always appeared to be a makeshift arrangement, but have persisted to remain because they have no less costly alternative.
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