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Authors: Arora, M. D.
Issue Date: 1965
Abstract: I) In this investigation suitability of a few indigenous materials impregnated with various grades of bit as en/ lime an compressed to form a premoulded joint filler, for Joints in concrete pavements# has been Investigated. The indigenous materials included. in this investigation were a) Eemp b) Coconut jute. c) Bagasse and. Coo onut pith. ii) in addition to the . above the suttahillty of the following patented joint fillers available in the market has also been determined..... a) Shafltex joint fi .ler. b Roof Pite 'pint ' .ler, . e) Joint Fi .er mF3de by C.B.R.!a,Roorkee. . iii.) , Investigation. has also been carried out to determine the merite and behaviour of the following sealing eom. pounds prepared i, . the laboratory with various grades of bitumen (20/30, S©/40 and 80/100), a) Mineral Filler/Bitumen Sealing Compound, b) Rubber Latex/Bitumen Sealing Compounds. a) Mineral Filler/Rubber Latex/Bitumen Sealing Comounds. d) flown grade bitmen R 85/45, and R 85/25. These grades of bitumen have higher softening point and, therefore, they were tested as supplied. iv) The following patented sealing compounds have also been included in the investigation. a) Shalitex Sealing Compound. b) Nomotex. a) Sealing Compound patented by C. t.R.T.,New Delhi. v) Investigation has shown that the Indigenous materials impregnated with bitumen/lime could be used as a pre- moulded Joint filler for filling joints in the concrete pavement. The most suitable bitumen for this purpose are blown grades of bitumen. Premovlded pint fiUer with Hemp and blown grade bitumen. (R95/25)/ shown better, recovery than . the patented joint fillers with bituminous base..^ The pre io•.0 1ded q joint fillers with other indigenous materials have alooshewn good resulte. ei) The .various_ sealing compounds investigated .. . have ?peen. found to lacc in pa oper bond with the concrete surface. Some of the sealng compounds prepared . in. the laboratory have shown better bond than the patented compounds Included In the Investigation. vii) In _additi on. to the above.,.. eart.ain, basic facts that are pertinent to the p7oblem _ of tilling and sealing, Joints, in the concrete pavement have also'heen discussed_ in the first few Chapters. The various finds of filing and sealing materials most commonly employed and the functions, capabilities and limi-tations of these materials have also been included. viii) In short this i nvesti,gatian ' show the possibili-ties of more patented Joint fillers and sealers that can be placed in the market.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Vaswani, N. K.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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