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Authors: Kumar, Ashok
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: When structures are supported on foundations that cannot sustain tension there exist possibility that, under certain conditions, a region of no contact develops between structure and the foundation. The emergence of no contact regions may cause redistribution of forces in footing - foundation system and change the settlement profile of foundation, thus tensionless analysis emerged as an interesting research topic among scholars. Literature survey reveals that although researchers have modeled tensionless foundations as well as stone column treated foundations, less consideration is given to analyze the effect of stone column on footing - foundation system considering uplift when foundation cannot sustain tension. In this present study an attempt has been made to analyze the effects of various parameters, using one dimensional linear model by Numerical method (Finite Element Method), on beam (footing) resting on stone column treated ground considering situation of uplift without ability of foundation to act in tension. The parameters included are applied load, shear modulus of shear layer, flexural rigidity of beam, relative stiffness of stone column and surrounding soil and spacing to diameter of stone column ratio (s/d). The underlying soil medium is modeled by Pasternak model. The stone column has been modeled by stiffer Winkler spring. The present numerical study is based on an iterative approach. Here tensionless stiffness matrix is formulated by considering elastic foundation in tension and then subsequently, omitting components responsible for tension from stiffness matrix to arrive at tensionless stiffness matrix. This process has been iterated till desired accuracy is obtained between consecutive deflections. A Computer program has been developed to get deflection and force component and results are presented in graphical form. It has been found that major parameters affecting response of footing - foundation system (in case of tensionless foundation) are applied load, flexural rigidity of beam, relative stiffness of stone column and surrounding soil and spacing to diameter of stone column ratio, and minor parameters affecting the foundation response are thickness and shear modulus of shear layer
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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