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Authors: Singh, Nalini
Issue Date: 1981
Abstract: Tho oigni loanco o c1al. oo. .banotit anolyaio of houoing o other project like water VaCtOUtICOtt project. a and D dicoaaa control otos* lloo in th.o inability of cwriorcLol progItobiliti to rofloot total national gains* Tho aim of this thoote 10 to domonotrato that tho .priceo that aro obtoinad .1n .tho 'moot devolving countries aro not nocoasorily tho prices that ought to be used in public �Â�°actor pro, oot evaluation* Tho problem is to obtain notional prioo�Â�° that tho Govornment ought to uao instead* Theca price�Â�°, 0allod �Â�°had= priCoo aro yawl* that 'tie quid vont. to attach to opocific oannoditios. (e.g*, atoelt bulidotera fortilizoro, and =chin,* tools), or oory co�Â�° 04*. =killed lab our) or to tho "act of tlai�â� �¢ (the rate of diecount)- The probi thorofora is to obtain appropriate ad�Â�°47 pi:loco* Moo Chad= prico Should .attachod to. tho conaumption of ion .intome group* ao price offered in the turbot to, not good guide to social welfare* A rich man may offer a goad clod of anay for a ail its* .vitaile a vary poor person nay find it difficult . to �Â�°pond oven 'wry ' raoll amount�Â�° of monoy Of. 000antiato�â� �¢ The principles of bonefitgicoot ana1Y0eas 0Conaraie and oo are ,orplaincd ire Chapter Io The procedure to iilustrotcd by oromplo of Rotnogiri Cooporotivo Stejoctip A briot .rovico of oignificant ittorature on coot bcnefit onolybia and Ite 4PPlicstion to housing has also boon givon, Tho housing sector in the ,country and its pgoblems ore discusoad An chaptor II* It is pointed out that housing hos a very strong potential for omplopent* At tho to of ono million dvalling unitapsripasro tho *actor mould provido 6.0 million jobs In construction activity and construction notarial,* industry. The organisation of tho housing industry and the problems in proVioion of to coot housing havo boon discussed* Chapter :II dools with hoes Warms* Tho investionts mode upto *ho fifth five year plan* and tho proposed outlays in tho sixth plan have boon Oval. The protiosod sixth plen outij of Rs* 141.900 militens is moro than the total invest:4mA of tho previous fivo plane in tormo of money* DUG to cost eocalation* the provision is not that significant in physical toms* Even so it she= tho increased roaZi4stion o tho traportance of this sector. The pattern of otInorship of houoing Cum* 9) indicates that in rural arms 90 of the housos 41:40 suned ohne In urban atone ahout SOX atO rented. However duo to tho entremoiy X0t1 Immo of $O to 9-071 of the pOpulation in the urban areas* thoy ore unable to pay the economic rat that a private invostor aspects* Hance InComo housing Is not boing built as a profitable investment* It has to bo promoted by tho Govesnzont as 0 social policy *This highlights tho role of the public sector in this area* Zn ChapterIV, Om, *two studios have boon pros The rivet de-als v./1th design aspects* �â� �¢and illustvatos tho methodology of acorn:mac comparison of dooign olternativos. Tho socond case study analyses tho returns on a block of Government flats rentod to public servants on subsidisod rentow ihs effects of oh do pricing* and price atoralation have boon includod end discussed* The third case study otudioo thorso2 a Hacks ?ahem* of Housing on the bliteopUrchase systemo The concluelona end rocormenriations ors proaentol Chap tor V1 'rho findings of case�â� �¢ study I refer to specific doolo altornativses Case study II bring* out tho elcmont of subsidy in C-ovornment housing and shwa*, that it VI more for low incom�Â�° than for high income categorioos Cos* study ZU Indscatoo that qlho hire purchase policloa of =CO are reasonably remunerative to the corporation and quite reit to the purchase/CO* The recommended policies for housing financo havo boon summerloods "rhos tope flooded to encourage private iimPostraent heats boco tritanorotod�â� �¢ Private onnarohip of land in weten aroas s major obstacle to house construction for low income groups and its oo1utton j, a public acquiuttion of lay% on DIKO.A potterrn or public ownership of all uston land* which mly thcin bo given on loses to houoo buildors.
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