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Authors: Chauhan, Arun Prakash
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: In the present study, influence of recycled aggregates on the mechanical & durability properties of concrete under different three moistures states i.e. dry- as received state, fully saturated and saturated surface dry conditions have been investigated experimentally and analyzed for use in cement concrete pavements. Total eighteen concrete mixes of M-40 grade were established including control mix under different moisture states to ascertain the effects on mechanical and durability properties of hardened concrete. The mechanical properties like compressive strength, flexural strength & split-tensile strength were considered in the present investigation to judge the performance of structural capacity of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) slab. In addition to these parameters, modulus of elasticity and rebound hammer number were also found out so as to have an idea about the deformation characteristics of concrete and strength of concrete under non-destructive test respectively. Effort was also made to establish correlations between strength obtained from destructive (compressive strength, flexural strength & modulus of elasticity) and non-destructive tests (rebound hammer number) under different moisture states. Statistical analysis between compressive and flexural strength; and compressive strength and modulus elasticity were also established and showed good correlation between them for different days of moist curing. Higher compressive and flexural strength of concrete were observed for concrete containing recycled aggregates in saturated surface dry condition in comparison to concrete made under dry and fully saturated conditions. Water absorption, rate of water absorption and coefficient of water absorption were also conducted in order to ascertain the durability properties of concrete containing with or without recycled aggregates under different moisture states. Based on these investigations, it has revealed that concrete containing recycled aggregates offered higher rate of absorption in comparison to conventional concrete irrespective of their moisture states. Water absorption micro-crack characteristics were also mapped for both natural and recycled coarse aggregates using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) technique. Based on cost comparison study made between conventional concrete and recycled aggregate concrete, there is apparently a net saving of Rs. 1105/- per cubic meter concrete. Keywords: Recycled aggregate, compressive strength, flexural strength, rebound hammer number, moisture states, saturated surface dry condition. iv
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: R. N., G. D. Ransinchung
Kumar, Praveen
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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