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Authors: Singh, Pratibha
Issue Date: 1985
Abstract: The problem of minimising time and cost in the design of dif'erent structural systems is extremely relevant, considering the inc-easing cost of material and construction. Considerable research leas been done for the optimum designs of various structures of both concrete and steel. However, the available literature on optimum lesign of R.0 though considerable is not exhaustive. For EXample, optimum aer gns for R.C. beam sections as per. TS code are available but not for design of an R.C. two-way slab. Similar optimum design of T-beam is reported but not for a T-beam floor system. Hence this-apsertation has been aimed at minimization of cost of R-C 2-way slab and T-beam flooring systems for various spans, loads and different grades of steel and concrete for a practical range of cost ratio of steel to concrete. This has been done on the basis of TS: 456 - 1978 provision of limit state concrete concept. Optimization of grid flooring is excluded from this work as it is reported in literature. computer programs have been developed and used for optimization of the two flooring systems and the results such as optimum cross-section, steel quantities etc. have been provided in the form of variouse charts that can be easily used by design engineers. The work is for two common grades of concrete (M. 15 and M 20) and steel (Fe 2.50 and Fe 415). This will help the designer to carry out economical designs on the basis of the data put forward here. Purther the computer rrograms developed can be used to obtain optimum designs for the cases not Covered her,3, with little or no modifications.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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