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Authors: Sharma, Mukesh Kumar
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: The cost of the energy per tonne of paper is very high. Therefore it is necessary to cut down the cost of energy consumed & therefore the energy should be used efficiently. The pulp & paper engineers have tried their best in the direction and are successfully to reduce the cost of energy per tonne of paper by taking several measures in the various areas like pulping, refining, conveying etc. The pulp and paper engineers have a very little knowledge about the compressors which are being used in paper in-dustry for several applications. Energy, materials and man power are the basic inputs to a technological process Energy management and conservation is an emerging function to supervise and control the way in which energy resourses are utilised. Considerable savings could be affected by knowing how to manage energy, how to utilise energy effectively, and how to save energy in a compressed air system. This report would provide sufficient knowledge on the main principle of compressed air system, which is a major source of power for STAR PAPER MILLS LTD and which possesses many inherent advantages. STAR PAPER MULL is one of the large .intergrated mill located at Saharanpur (U.P.) having production capacity 220 t/day It produces no. of varities or grades of paper depending upon demand and market. Energy Consumption in a mill is due to two counts 'thermal and electrical. Where the electrical energy consumption is due to various transportation system like pumps, conveying system and compressed air. In order to obtain the benefits and advantages of compressed air, planning and proper distribution of compressed air is of vital importance. Star Paper Mills presently have three different systems, they are low pressure lubricated, Low Pressure- non lubricated and High Pressure system. Air supply to low pressure lubricated system is reciprocating single stage, single cylinder, double acting machine water cooled and lubricated maintained at pressure 5.7 Kg/cm2 and Low pressure non lubricated system is reciprocating, single stage, single cylinder double acting.............
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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