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Authors: Kumar, Vipul
Keywords: PULPS
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The present study focuses on improving the property combinations of papers. The target was to clarify whether improved combinations can be achieved through structuring precipitated filler and pulp in a new way. Direct fiber loading, however, failed to provide paper with adequate properties. A new composite filler sodium alumino-silicate was produced on fiber wall and inside fiber lumen using papermaker's alum and sodium silicate. These chemicals are widely used in paper production and are easily available at the site. Effect of various process parameters on precipitation of filler has been seen. The optimized precipitation process is then followed for the production of filler. The filler was produced in two ways; first in absence of fibers, second in presence of fibers i.e. in-situ loading of filler. The fresh filler produced in absence of fiber is then added to the pulp slurry. Comparison of various pulp and paper properties was done for direct loading of filler, fresh filler loading and filler prepared in-situ with fibers. As a result, in-situ lumen loading (ISLL) opens up a wide variety of potential uses for paper products. ISLL technology provided paper with significant improvement in various properties of paper as compared with fillers directly added to the stock.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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