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Authors: Kulathumani, N.
Issue Date: 1963
Abstract: The Elastic theory of torsion of prismatic bars was given by Stagnant as early as 1S55.Thoigh Prandtl gave the membrane analogy for *WU& theory and /radii, the sand heap Analogy for plastid theory of torsion0he study of the torsion problem as applidd to concrete and reinforced concrete was undertaken such later. Wog the theories given by various authors, the ones given by Ordain, Andersen and Cowan are of importance. The author experimentally studied the behaviour of Plain and reinforced concrete under pow torsion using square spirals at 45 degrees and square hoops and Longitudinal, bars. The effect of increasing the anoint of steel as well as the effect of increasing the concrete strength, on the torsional strength was studied. Chapters II and III deal with the elastic and Mastic theories of torsion* Chapter IV deals with the theories applica-ble to Reinforced concrete. Chapter VI deals with the experimental results obtained by the author. It was observed that sOral reinforcement was more effee- tire than the other in resisting torsion. Further, it was observed that beams with spiral reinforcement develop well distributed trade throughout the length of the beam* The observed values of ultimate torque vas compared to those of the theoretical values based on Cowan's theory.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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