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Authors: Gandhi, K. B.
Issue Date: 1982
Abstract: The dissertation presents the water budgeting of Left Salawa Distributary Command, off taking at. of Upper Ganga Canal. The total study area-is about 4 5, 695 ha, comprises the part of seven community blocks vis. Meerut, Khurd, Rohta, Ra j pura, Sardhana, Sarurpur and Daurala of Meerut District. The study was taken up to assess, understand and evaluate the various components of hydrologic cycle in the area, with a view to work out the water resources of the area. The. study has been conducted for three year i.e. October 1977-September 1978, OQtober 1978 - September 1979, October 1979- September 1980. The budgeting was prepared with the help of water balance equation viz. (1) Water use equation (2) Ground water balance equation and (3) Hydrologic balance equation. It, has been found that the evapotraspiration from the irrigated area is about 0028m and O.55m during nonmonsoon and monsoon period respectively. Ground water potential of the area is about 15,000 ham, resulting from the precipitation and due to recharge from seepage from canal and return flow of irrigation . Recharge from the precipice. tation is abolu,tc 14 percent of annual rainfall. The present rate of the pumpage is about 12, $OO ham. Thus the ground (iv) water withdrawal at the present stage of development is about 94 percent of the present recharge. The error in balancing cf the hydrologic equation ranges between 1 to 11, _p<--:rcr-nt ,which f .s within the limit...
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Chawla, A. S.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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