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Authors: P, Pramod Joseph
Keywords: PAPER MILL
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: An attempt has been made to study the various aspects of maintenance practices. The thesis entitled "MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENTS IN PULP AND PAPER MILL", mainly comprises of a case study in the Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Kerala from where '.the practical data were collected and then the suggestions for improvement have been made. Based on the data available from April 1991 to March 1992, the down time details for the chemi-mechanical pulp mill has been collected. The equipments that caused the maximum down time has been listed. These are: Raffinators, High Density Pump and Unbleached Pulp Washer. The suggestior,son reducing the down time have been made. Raffinators: In the case of Raffinator the seal rings called '0' rings which prevent the mixing. of oil in the bearings and the pulp in the refining chamber often fails without prior warning. On Analysing ' the frequency of failures it may be observed that the '0' rings fail in six months duration. Since the '0' rings are not very costly, they may be replaced every six months during a minor production break, to avoid precious down time, even if they remain perfect. High Density Pump: High density pump is used for pumping pulp at 10 % consis-tency from the thickener to the high density tower. Here a
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