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Authors: Gupta, Satish Chander
Issue Date: 1969
Abstract: Control Clio a, by thoir oitilicfty and fact finding poc'or, have amply pro n d tIjtr valuo ao arm of the moot uco i tools of quioitty control, The aut! rr hoc tried to domrnstroto In thorn pea the baaic function of stL tiSticol quality contzol in manufacture g plcnt t to ha1p identify and zOT!OvQ cct*cco of bad t ork. Foi the control chirt technique can help to build OM MMI Cal q i zU Uty into 0 p'o d ct to thO theme of t o 1 tz # curing rocont ye ro th uOo of control charts ciao tprood rp idly. 'dot co many industries are too afraid to dorivo born. fits from ton becaugo of certain preconceived rntiono about ctotictical quciity control. l* So maintain that it roquiroc too vetch nithc 4 tics or sound atitistico1 b,ckgzound thtio o hors condddor sC epplicoblo only to t oca tars which ore pz cod •in vary lar cur►ntitioci Troop otatistiCc is th baoic of all control charts and also car cinir un cruelty is nocooanzy for the offoctiv nr oconomlco3 use of control charts, their ro.jooi ton to not fir unions it io proved thrwgh inuontigotiona that t Dir uce io unrconordc or ineffective. It nay bo r ozod that fr tho rot pert corTvol chirt ro"uiro only tho uno of of to arlthmotic+ It is it o trait to rote that rainy contTol chart c2pltcntionc core ni ndo by pooplo rh:r did not krrott it tali onouh tut obtained v'amrioinf ly cod ro ulto. To tI cc tho hivo nc~v,r boon oupogad to otoy,ctir o1 tdooi , this toz o torn o procttc-3l intxodi o'l.on to o 'crtUUo fLold. To tho o who aro fccUUir~r with bi oi.c contzol crust tocniquo, It ofcforj hnolod p of 1ntoot dovolopir nto in S liLko gc n tric roving VQDOçD chirtD co ,aulottvo sure chrrt, cdcpti o tontzol and cor utodvatton. Although tho c►thDr boo pinccd roar o. hncts on prrct& eel coca studios, song ut tioticnl b ct:grund hio boon un v 1c blo 0 } wovor incnutty in a groat nowt in tho use rind parrctico of SOC. in somo situations littlo to goinod from S(C, in ott ro ccnt l ch , rt scam mo t col In thoi z rosu It o. In botoen lb tho ountl000 oiturrtiono t.+horo tho typo,# o font end pc o portLcuk r modificntion of scc pxocoduro muot to toloctoc' or c vi d »M Choir odiinictrrtion plrflnod
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Sinma, D. N.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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