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Authors: Sahu, S. N.
Issue Date: 1980
Abstract: The present day trend is to go for larger inter connected power systems brings advantages like less spinning reserve requirement, reliable and economic operations of the power system. Simultaneously the larger interconnected system also poses various technical and economical problems before the power engineers. The problems of complex nature concerning the power system operation demand immediate attention of the power engineers. An 'Automatic generation control" approach offers an adequate solution to the various problems of the complex system operation. The problems like System security monitoring, security analysis, power frequency control and economical load despatch can be handled effectively by Automatic generation control centres through state estimation technique in a very large interconnected power system network. i In this dissertation an attempt is made to discuss the working principle of AGC and instrumenta-tion of Automatic Generation Control centres w ith respect to their functions to achieve reliable and economical power supply. The vital role and technique of " State Estimation" for power system carried out by automatic gore ration control (AGC) centres are explained. A s a case study for this dissertation, the effect of governor control on the power system is carried out. For this purpose Bhakra Left Bank Power House -- Nangal fertiliser system has been chosen. The gover-nors .for the units are assumed as electric governors in place of mechanical governors due to the reason that it has rapid response time with 3 term control action and to g et a qualitative improvement over mechanical governor- The system has been represented mathematically and technique of D-partition has been applied to fix up the electric governor parameters for which system would behave stable under steady state conditions as well as under transient conditions. The computation work has been carried on digital computer IBM-370 at ONGC, Dehradun.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Chauhan, R. C.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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