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Authors: Sharma, V. M.
Issue Date: 1968
Abstract: The subject of "Stress concentration Motu4 openings in Gravity D*" has been studied In three groups.- The first group covers the analytical method of determining the stresses based on the Theory of Flamtioity. The opening is assumed to be existing in am infinite plats of isotropic material. Tho stresses distribut-ed around the openings are worked out when the plate is subjected to loading. Stresses around circular openings worked out in this fashion have been kr o for quite sometiffio. Gen ralised methods are now available. by which) the open-ings of +almost any regular shape can be analysed. The method has been in-dicated by Savin in his "Stress Concentration Around Holes". In these methods,- by conformal transformation, we reds ,e the entire" area outside the opening In one plane Into the area within a circle in another plea. The circle is called a unit circle. With the help of the equations correlating the norms„ tangential and shear stresses, it is possible to got the stress coefficients at wW point in the original plane. To illustrate the method, the cases of o3liptioal and square openings have been chows. The normal at roam coefficients be" been obtained slang various reference lines for compressive loads acting in different dir.ctioms. For zating use of these results in a practical vase, ws shall have to know the principal stresses acting at the centre point of the opening. With the help of the stress coefficients obtained as above and the kno n. principal stresses, we can plot the variation of normal stresses along any
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