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Authors: Gautam, A. M.
Issue Date: 1972
Abstract: 1.1 LO-CA TION The area was investigated around Duadhar which lies about 10 lcm north east of Narendra Nagar (District Tehri Garhwal, U.F.) on Narendranagar-Tehri road. This area covers nearly 112 lying* between the latitudes 3008' N; 30015' N and longitudes 78°15' E and 78025' S. The area is Included in the Survey of India toposheet No. 53 3/SW. 1.2 ACCESSIBILITY Narendra Nagar lies at a distance of 16 k,n, north-west of Rish .kesh and is connected to it by the Rishikesh-. Tehri road. The area under investigation can be approached by road from Narendra Nagar and on foot along the banks of Chandra Bhaga and Hiyunl rivers. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, 16 kms from t4 arendra Nagar. 1.2 CC MAT,, The climate of Narendra Nagar and adjoining area is quite pleasant for most part of the year and the tempera-ture ranges from 00C to 100C in winter and from 25PC to 250C in summer. The annual rainfall is moderate at Narendra Nagar but increases northwards. The rainfall averages about, 200 cms per annum. The rainy season starts usually from the end of June and continues upto middle of September. The 3 temperature is lowest in January or in February but becomes normal by the end of March. It is quite hot in day time in the months of May and June but the nights are always pleasant. The snowfall does not occur. at Narendra Nagar but is common at Duadhar and Agra Khal which are at elevations 1200 in and 1100 in respectively.
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