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Title: Geology of the Area Around Dogadda Town District Pauri (U.P.)
Authors: Arora, Ramesh Chandra
Issue Date: 1971
Abstract: The area under investigation lies around Dogadda town and forms a part of the district Paurt Garhwal of Uttar Pradesh. It covers nearly 55 Sq.KM and lies north east of Kotdwura town and toward West of Lansdowne. The area falls between longitude E 780 35, to 9 780 40' and latitude N 290 46" to N 290 511. It is included In Survey of India, one inch to a mile toposheet No. 53 K/9. Dogadda town is about 15 1U4 north east of I otdhwrara town, the nearest rail head rich is the terminus of Najtbabsd-.1(otdwara branch line on Northern Railway. The area is eastly accessible by a metallod road from Kotdwara to Lansdowne. Near Dogodda the main road bifercates into two one leading to Dadamandi Kandi and other to Lansdowne. Further one mile toward Lansdowne near ?atehpur a branch road for Pauri meets the main rood.
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